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Part 2- Install Django using Virtualenv, Apache and MySQL on Ubuntu Server 14.10

Introduction In Part 1 of this tutorial we successfully installed Django. In this tutorial we will build our first Django app. We will build a Personal Budget where you will be able to: Enter an expense on a web page View bar graphs of your expenses on a web page Objective In this tutorial we will: Configure Django to use MySQL Configure Django to use Apache Install and configure django-chartit to display pretty graphs Create our Personal Budget Django App Assumptions Fresh Install of Ubuntu Server 14.10 SSH enabled (sudo apt-get install ssh-server) User has root privileges Basic familiarity with using the Linux command line (terminal) Have completed installation steps outlined in Part 1 of this tutorial Installation Step 1 - Configure Django to use MySQL Open the file vim /var/www/html/projects/webapps/webapps/ Comment or Replace the Database section with the following DATABASES = { 'default': { 'ENGINE':